Gisela Ruebsaat

Gisela Ruebsaat lives in Victoria BC. Her poems have been anthologized and have appeared in both literary and academic journals and in chapbooks edited by Patrick Lane. Heart Mechanic is her debut collection. 

Gisela has performed her poems locally and internationally at academic and literary symposia including the International Symposium on Poetic Inquiry in 2013 and 2015, and at the 2014 New York Imagination, Inquiry and Innovation Institute. In 2016 Gisela was a featured reader at the Greater Victoria Public Library Indie Authors’ Day event.

Gisela’s work explores personal and collective histories, asks how these narratives shape both our professional and lyrical voices. Gisela, a former lawyer, has worked in a variety of jobs in the justice system including speechwriter for Justice Ministers and as Legal Analyst for a feminist advocacy organization: the Ending Violence Association. The poems in Heart Mechanic explore the roots of voice: the strains we hear in the chambers of the heart, in the families that house us, and in the body with all its glory and decay. 

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Heart Mechanic
Pathways Not Posted